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Apostle Schowanda Michael

LAYD (Living Achieving Your Destiny) - Lady/Prophetess Schowanda Michael ministers alongside her husband Apostle Cardell A. Michael, the founders of Higher Heights Outreach International Ministries in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. Lady Schowanda believes in inspiring and encouraging all God's daughters for a better destiny. All young ladies have great purpose and it's important for each one to live and achieve their God-given destiny.

Through her teaching on the radio, in person, or through social media on the "LAYD Broadcast", Lady Schowanda is in fact mentoring women of all ages to pursue the truth in the Word, and become all of whom God has predestined them to become. She is empowering women to unite and not tear down, to find strength in unity, and to stand together to take the enemy down. 


Lady Schowanda's vision is to empower women, whether young or old, to become a vessel that God can use in their season. She believes that with the understanding of God’s Holy Word, women (mothers, daughters, sisters, wives, aunts, grandmothers, and friends) can and will be Women of Power NOT just in word but in lifestyle. 


Power, to her, means that a woman or girl can defeat the enemy with the weapons that God has given - “The Word”. They are the ones who stand in authority, stand in hope, stand in faith, patience, meekness, humility, charity, long-suffering, not easily provoked, not tempted, not selfish, who demonstrate self-control, and many more attributes of God - THEY CALLED HER WOMAN.

With ministries such as W.O.P (Women of Power), Y.W.O.P ( Young Women of Power), W.I.M. (Women in Ministry), and of course LAYD (Living Achieving Your Destiny),  Lady Schowanda is activating, equipping, and encouraging women as they are living achieving their God-given destiny.

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