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When something you have experienced gave a lasting impression on you, you tell someone about it. You find yourself wanting them to experience the same excitement and jot you felt in that very moment. 

Here is a place where you can do that. Tell us your experience and we will share it in whole or part with other ladies who want to be inspired just as you were. 


To say this my first retreat it was amazing. Silence at first it was hard. But was so rewarding. It gave me time set, listen to what God to say, and write what he was saying me. Much needed time with God. Sometimes we can't find time just for God and yourself. At the retreat you will be amazed.

- Latasha K.

As a wife, mother, in the ministry, and entrepreneur, I had forgotten to take time for myself. At the retreat, there wasn't a busy schedule, so finding time with the Lord was a focus of mine. Waking up to powerful prayers with the ladies, and watching the sunrise as we ended set the day for me. I wrote, and wrote, and heard the Lord clearly. It was so needed, my relationship was restored and so was my joy. 

- Paula, Zachary, LA

Much needed R&R. Not a busy retreat, so I had plenty of time to read the Word. Enjoyed myself and loved the time with the ladies. The lantern release was amazing! Looking forward to next year.

- Ann, Atlanta, GA

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LAYD R&R Retreat is a place of reconnecting with the Father and releasing to achieve your God given Destiny. We strive to exceed the expectations of those attending the retreat. Your review of the Retreat will allow us to highlight the areas to strengthen and to go from glory to glory in the areas that were most exciting bringing each Retreat at a higher caliber and expectation each year. 

Please consider writing a review. Thank you for joining us on this years LAYD R&R Retreat.

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