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What to expect at this retreat?

Vow of Silence

We commit to a vow of silence for a given time at this retreat. Your silence is connected to your healing and restoration. That means no talking. But during  this time  you are encouraged to journal and/or read.


BodyFit is a 30 minutes workout  that helps motivate you.  It’s a light exercise plan.  Early  morning activity helps to destress your  mind and heart by getting prepared for the day.


Book Writing

 Our book writing session is optional.  This session is design to help you become motivated for writing. We create a healthy environment. We show you how to focus and remain on point. Our goal this year is for each participant to walk away with outline structure. 

Group Session

Our group session is designed to encourage, inspire, and motivate you forward. These sessions take place daily with all participants attending the retreat. 

With the pressure of life and the many hats we wear as women constantly calling for all of our attention, we need time to focus. Sometimes we need to be able to break away, and in the midst of that breaking away, we find ourselves in Him. In the midst of Him, we find our destiny. 

Not another conference, not another service, not a normal retreat with many guest speakers, LAYD R&R Retreat is one in which your speaker is the Holy Spirit. You find time in prayer, devotion, and quietness. 

The weight of the world is left outside in the hands of the Almighty God and the sweet aroma of peace circumferences you as you hear the Word of the Lord in this time. 

With fellowship, food, and fun this retreat is sure to REFRESH & RECONNECT you with not only the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit, but also with yourself. 

After caring for everyone else, it's time to give attention to you. Are you ready? Let's Refresh, Release and Reconnect in COVER ME 2022.

A Night of Prophetic Worship


Want to book for 2023

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View highlights from our LAYD R&R Retreat - I AM Built For This 2021. 

Reconnecting 2017

Time to Inspire

It's time to be inspired! LAYD's R&R Retreat Refresh 2018 testimony videos of The Soaking. We had an amazing time!​

We encourage you to share the videos and invite other ladies!